Copley News



Xenus PLUS Compact XEC: EtherCAT and CANopen Servo Drive

Copley Controls extends the the power range of Xenus PLUS with the compact and highly cost-effective XEC. Operating from 115/230 VAC the XEC is available with continuous current ratings of 3A, 5A and 7.5A. A built-in fan eliminates the need for a heatsink further minimizing footprint. The metal enclosure ensures the highest level of noise immunity. Safe Torque Off functionaity reduces system cost for safety sensitve appplications. The XEC interfaces to a wide range of absolute encoders , including BiSS, SSI, Absolute A and EnDat.



Stepnet PLUS SP4: 4-Axis Stepper Module

Copley Controls expands the Stepnet PLUS family with a small footprint, highly cost-effective 4-axis module. Each axis operates as a CANopen node. SP4 also incorporates encoder feedback and comprehensive I/O for optimal OEM flexibility. Servo Mode operation provides smooth, precise motion with low audible noise. High resolution microstepping is also available for the lowest system cost. OEM flexibility is enhanced by comprehensive on-board I/O.



R-Series Expansion: PLUS Servo & Stepper Modules, Analog Module

Copley Controls extends the R-Series with ruggedized versions of Accelnet PLUS and Stepnet PLUS CANopen single-axis modules. The Bantam high-density analog module is also available environmentally hardened. The R-Series delivers performance you can trust in the harshest environments. Ruggedized to endure temperature extremes, high humidity, vibration and shock, Copley’s proven drive technology finds application in COTS military, nautical, aviation, scientific research, oil refining and vehicle based systems.



EtherCAT Conformance: PLUS Servo & Stepper Drives

Copley Controls announces full EtherCAT comformance. Extensive and rigorous testing ensures Copley drives can be seamlessly integrated into any EtherCAT network for the highest levels of performance. CAN (DS-402) application layer over EtherCAT (CoE) is fully implemented. File transfer (FoE) is also supported. Cyclic Syncnchronous position, velocity and torque modes with distributed clocks deliver sub-µsec drive synchronization.



Accelnet PLUS & Stepnet PLUS Modules

Copley Controls lowers cost-per-node with high power density 1&2 axis Accelnet PLUS servo modules and Stepnet PLUS stepper modules. PCB-mounted, the drives deliver optimal OEM flexibility. A wide range of absolute encoder interfaces are built-in, including BiSS, SSI, Absolute A and EnDat. With Stepnet's Servo Mode operation, stepper motors run quietly and operate at high speeds without stall issues.